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Devin P. O'Connell | Directorial Reel

Devin P. O'Connell | Directorial Reel

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Devin P. O'Connell is a storyteller, first and foremost. This means that it's not just about getting an audience from point A to point B. For Devin, it's about everything in between. Journey, not the destination, ya know? He specializes in creating a driven narrative that connects with an audience through commercial, documentary, and narrative films.

Devin grew up in northwest Indiana near Lake Michigan and is currently based in Indianapolis. He spends his free time playing pickup soccer, hanging with his family, and laughing at his own jokes. When you meet Devin, feel free to say things like "Wow, you're so tall!" and "Did you play basketball in high school?". This never gets old. Never.

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"Best not to monkey with paradise."

- Robert O'Connell

(Devin's grandfather)

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