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Directorial Reel 2018

Examples of different projects Devin O'Connell has directed. From documentaries to narrative films to commercial content, Devin is interested in any film project he is a part of.

Shooting Reel 2018

Examples of different projects Devin O'Connell has shot. Devin has manned the camera for documentaries, narrative films, and commercial videos.

Narrative Short

Damaged. A man wanders through the city as he regains the memory of his family and a life he had.

Narrative Short

Awakening. A woman receives a strange tape from a stranger at her door. Her husband must figure out what the tape means when his wife goes misssing. Directed and edited by Devin O'Connell.

Promotional Video

Created for the local nonprofit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. as a way to give a general overview of the business. Directed and edited by Devin O'Connell.

Promotional Video

Back again with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. to help spread awareness on Native Trees. One of three videos created. All three videos directed and edited by Devin O'Connell.

documentary short

Gippi Rondinella: Part Time Tattooist. Gippi Rondinella, a tattooist from Italy, has been living on the Greek island of Paros for years. Before that, Rondinella was one of four tattooist in all of Italy. Find out more in this short documentary on his life and work.

documentary short

Ancient Pottery Workshop: On the Greek island of Paros there are many historical sites from ancient Greece. In this documentary, find out more about an ancient pottery workshop and the techniques the Greek people used (and still use today) in order to craft pottery.

About Devin O'Connell

Devin O'Connell is a storyteller, first and foremost. This means whether it's your project or his, Devin will put all the effort he can into the production.

Although his storytelling interests began with writing and drawing, at IUPUI Devin finally found his interest in filmmaking. During his time at IUPUI, Devin was able to travel abroad and shoot several short documentary films in Greece.

Now, he spends most of his time in Indiana working on freelance productions, writing scripts, and shooting films.


“Men must be decent first and brilliant later, otherwise you're not helping people, just servicing the machine.”

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